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Horrid Habits <br>Eggshells Horrid Habits <br>Eggshells Horrid Habits <br>Eggshells Horrid Habits <br>Eggshells

Horrid Habits

Horrid Habits

Édité par Look Back and Laugh

Jaka Vatovec is a visual artist that works under the moniker Horrid Habits. In his new zine he explores the dark corners of his mind, as eerie and macabre as possible. Made through the technique of croping the details of bigger drawings he decipts abstract versions of something that made sense in original size, but is equally possesive in this form where the texture and abstract forms take over.

28 pages
180x250 mm
Saddle-stitched, risograph, fluo orange and black ink printed by Riso Paradiso
100 copies, September 2019
ISBN 978-961-94711-3-5