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One hundred and some boat
José Quintanar
Terry Bleu

One hundred and some boat
José Quintanar
Terry Bleu


102 pages
14 x 9,5 cm
Couverture imprimée en sérigraphie, intérieur imprimé en risographie
300 exemplaires
Édité et imprimé par Terry Bleu


"If I had to define Rotterdam with two images, on the one hand, I would say a flower in a window, and on the other, a ship stranded in the port.

For many afternoons, and before going to sleep, my son would sit with me on the drawing table and ask me to draw one boat after another. He was so obsessed with that activity that we built more than two hundred boats. All the same size and drawn with the same pencil. In this book, Hugo, the publisher, and I have tried to make a selection of the most significant, one hundred and some."

— José

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